Four Leadership Positions Open within the Office of the Provost

Dear Faculty Colleagues, 

I am writing to let you know that there are four open leadership positions within the Office of the Provost with a start date of July 1, 2024. These are internal searches that require the rank of full professor.

Three of these roles include existing positions that have been re-envisioned, including: (1) Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Affairs; (2) Faculty Director, Office of Faculty Advancement; and (3) Faculty Director, International Affairs. A new role, (4) the Associate Provost for Interdisciplinary Initiatives, has been developed in response to a substantial increase in the number of centers/institutes that are now reporting into the Office of the Provost that require full focus and support to meet their missions. This position also supports an increase in interdisciplinary connections across the university to advance our academic mission and research.

I will add that it is an exciting time at Case Western Reserve University, whereby we are making rapid progress in building on innovations in the classroom, in our research, scholarship and creative works, and in our role in making the world a better place.

Some new initiatives my office is working on include hiring 100 net new faculty; enhancing research opportunities for students both inside and outside of the classroom; advancing AI approaches in teaching and learning; envisioning the ways that the new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building can have maximal impact; and strengthening international and local partnerships that lead to solving our most pressing societal challenges.
If eligible, I hope you will take some time to review these positions and consider applying if you are interested in joining a supportive and creative team.

Please visit the Candidate Search page on my website for more details on these positions.

I hope you continue to have an enjoyable and productive semester.

With gratitude,

Joy K. Ward
Provost and Executive Vice President
Case Western Reserve University

**Note: This news item was originally posted on March 22, 2024.