University Policies

Complete List of University Policies

CWRU's University Compliance Program maintains a list of all university policies.

Policies support the University's mission by establishing clear standards for individual conduct, supporting operational efficiency, promoting legal compliance, and mitigating risk.

This listing includes selected policies that fall under the purview of the provost's office, and do not represent a complete list of all Case Western Reserve University policies.


Assignment of Academic Credit Policy (approved January 2014) - CWRU's policy for awarding credit hours for courses and other academic activities.

Assurance of Integrity in Distance Learning Course Policy (approved January 2014) - requirements and recommended good-practice statements for CWRU courses taught via distance learning.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy (approved July 2021) - This policy requires vaccination against COVID-19 among University faculty, staff, postdoctoral employees and students with an on-campus presence. 

Digital Accessibility Policy (approved December 2021) - This policy, which promotes compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations, laws, and guidance, applies to all Case Western Reserve University academic and administrative units that create, maintain or procure websites, web-based applications, course materials or other online communications vehicles used for programs and activities of the university.

Freedom of Expression/Expressive Activities Policy (approved November 2019) - CWRU is committed to freedom of expression.  The purpose of this policy is to promote that free exchange of ideas while preserving the safe and efficient operation of CWRU. 

High-Pressure Recruitment Processes Prohibition Policy (approved November 2021) - CWRU welcomes military service members to enroll as students in its educational programs. CWRU refrains from high-pressure recruiting tactics of this population in all of its recruiting and admission activities.

Students Returning from Active-Duty Military Service Policy (approved November 2021) - CWRU welcomes military service members to enroll as students in its educational programs. If a student temporarily pauses their CWRU studies in order to assume active military duty, then they may resume their studies with the same academic status as they had when last attending the University.

Institutional Records for Student Complaints Policy (March 2014) - CWRU endeavors to investigate and resolve student complaints efficiently and thoroughly.  The university has adopted a standard protocol for recording student complaints.

Public Posting of Grades Policy (approved January 2016) - According to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), posting grades by student names, student IDs, or Social Security numbers (or portions thereof) is prohibited.

Teaching Assistant (TA) Training Policy (last reviewed July 2019) - All students who function as TAs are required to complete training for these roles. See the TA Training Guide for additional details.

Teach-Out Policy (approved February 2017) - CWRU provides protections for students enrolled in academic programs that are planned for closure, so that the students may receive uninterrupted education toward completion of their programs.

Verification of Faculty Credentials Policy (approved January 2018) - CWRU's policy for ascertaining the qualifications of faculty who hold non-tenure-track appointments or who are teaching in areas outside of their primary appointment.


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