Read a letter from Provost Ben Vinson to kick off Legacy Week 2021

Welcome to our fifth annual Legacy Week! When Legacy Week was established in 2017, the intent was to observe and showcase the history of Case Western Reserve University. I think it’s safe to say that the past year has been one of the most defining in our university’s momentous history.

The past year has brought us a pandemic, political and social unrest, and amounts of uncertainty that we have, personally, never before experienced. But I believe our legacy will be defined by how we have overcome these challenges. Our legacy will be one of perseverance, and tenacity, and resilience, and collaboration.

In our 195-year history we’ve faced hardships before. Our institution has survived World Wars, the Great Depression, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, and much more. 

But each time we have reemerged. We have risen and we have overcome… and we’ve done it together.

The theme of this year’s Legacy Week is fitting. It’s “Better Together.” And I can assure you that that is the case. Each day on our campus I see examples of people working together, coming together and helping each other. It is truly our shared objective for civility and humanity that has allowed us to rise above the challenges of the past year.

While this year’s Legacy Week may be a bit different from those in the past, it is no less important. Whether it’s attending a session featuring University archivist, Helen Conger, learning more about quirky spaces on campus with Dr. Janice Gerda or simply enjoying a special “Spartie Swirl” treat, please plan to participate in one wonderful way or another.  

To learn more about this exciting week of virtual and in-person activities please visit the Student Activities and Leadership website. And remember, we are “Better Together.”


Ben Vinson III
Provost and Executive Vice President