Request funding support for your next seminar

The Office of the Provost has announced a new initiative that seeks to increase diversity in academia by exposing Case Western Reserve University students with STEM aspirations to role models that share their racial, ethnic and/or gender identity.

The Departmental Diversity Seminar Series provides STEM and STEM-relevant academic departments across the university the opportunity to seek funding support (up to $3,000) to invite scientists from racial, ethnic or gender groups underrepresented in their STEM discipline to campus to give talks using the department’s existing seminar infrastructure (time slot, room, advertising etc.).Ultimately, the series is aimed at enriching the diversity within the pools of future faculty and deepening the diversity of faculty across our campus, and across the globe.

To learn more, or request a speaker for the 2022-23 academic year, visit the Departmental Diversity Seminar Series webpage.