Supporting Our Students in Isolation and Quarantine

To Our Faculty and Staff:

As we near the end of our first week of classes, we are ever more grateful for all that you are doing for our students, and our entire community. Our mission to educate and enrich the lives of our students has called us back together and I am again feeling the energy that is unique only to Case Western Reserve. Thank you! 

I am especially impressed at our collective efforts to maintain a safe and healthy campus. As of Aug. 26, 97% of our total campus community is either fully vaccinated, or in the process of getting vaccinated, with a World Health Organization approved vaccine.

As we continue along this semester, I want to bring a few points to your attention:

  • Our students are anxious about missing class if they are in quarantine or isolation and are instructed to reach out to you. Please respond quickly and empathetically with suggestions on how they can keep up with class content. Options include identifying a student in the class to take notes for them, recording your lectures, posting presentations on Canvas, etc. I know that you have managed sick students during pre-pandemic years and have processes to manage through their illnesses. My request is that you communicate to let your students know that you are supporting them.
  • If a student is missing from your class during these first few weeks, please reach out to let them know that you recognize they are absent (they may not reach out to you), and that you are ready and able to assist during this time.
  • Finally, please keep reaching out to your dean’s office with questions and concerns. I am in constant contact with them and we are well prepared to address issues as they arise.  

Again, thank you for all that you do for Case Western Reserve. Together, we are emerging stronger, smarter and better than before.


Ben Vinson III
Provost and Executive Vice President