Updates on Student Health Insurance and Child Care Support

To Our Professional Students:

Thank you for choosing Case Western Reserve to continue your education. Whether your studies with us are full- or part-time, we appreciate that your decision to pursue an advanced degree involves a significant commitment of your time and resources. Today I am pleased to announce two changes that we hope will ease those burdens at least a bit.

First, we have partnered with a local child care provider to lower your costs at their facilities. Sweet Kiddles has several locations across Northeast Ohio, including one in University Circle adjacent to the Tremont Athletic Club. Effective Feb. 1, Case Western Reserve will pay your $125 membership fee and up to $1,000 of child care at any Sweet Kiddles site. 

Second, we are reducing the out-of-pocket maximum for student health insurance by $1,500, effective in the next academic year. The new cap will be $5,000. 

While I realize that some may not be able to benefit from either of these options (e.g., you do not have children and/or have other health coverage), I am grateful to Sweet Kiddles, and our finance team, for making both of them possible for those who will use them.

Ben Vinson III
Provost and Executive Vice President