30th Anniversary Celebration

Staff Advisory Council Executive Meeting in 1994

The first Staff Advisory Council Steering Committee meeting in 1990.

Case Western Reserve University's Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is celebrating 30 years of service to the campus community!

The very first SAC meeting took place on May 24, 1990 and its members and leadership have spent the last three decades providing an invaluable pathway for communication and feedback between university staff and administrators.

This page will highlight the various accomplishments of SAC through the years as well as personal reflections of its impact on staff members. It's all part of a year-long celebration that will culminate with a special on-campus event in May 2021. 

Major Contributions

In this section, we will highlight some of the most notable "SAC"cesses through the years, organized by committee. Check back on this page for monthly updates from our other committees.

The Fringe Benefits Committee promotes equality in the allocation of fringe benefits and works to educate staff about the benefits available to them. 

Some of the committee's major contributions include:

  • Removal of the cap on sick time
  • Benefits for same-sex partners
  • Adoption Leave Benefits
  • And Improvement in the Staff Retirement Plan

Visit the committee's webpage to learn more about its service to staff in the last 30 years.

The Staff Recognition Committee organizes programs and events to recognize and reward staff members for their contributions to Case Western Reserve.

Visit the committee's webpage to learn about the opportunities available to honor staff members and view past award recipients.

The Staff Training and Development Committee identifies needs and develop programs for the personal and professional development of Case Western Reserve employees in order to improve performance, aid in career advancement, and increase job satisfaction.

Visit the committee's webpage to view resources available to staff members. 

The Community Service Committee helps make Case Western Reserve staff aware of community events to foster greater involvement and connection with the community.

Visit the committee's webpage to explore its many activities and initiatives to benefit the community such as the Back to School Supply Drive, Basket Raffle and Crafters @ Case.

Photos Through the Years

20th Anniversary Video

In 2010, as SAC celebrated its 20th anniversary, leaders and members created a video telling the story of how the council began and made a difference on campus in its first two decades of service. 

Celebrating 20 Years of SAC