Standing Committees

Most of the Council's work is done through committees where a variety of issues are addressed. You do not have to be an elected member of SAC to serve on a committee. Council delegates serve on at least one committee and attend monthly meetings. SAC receives reports from each committee during the general Council meetings. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the Committee Chair for further information.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee serves as a vehicle for communication between the University staff community and the Council by providing a means for staff members to express concerns, ideas and interests to the appropriate University body. It shall strive to keep the Council constituency informed of Council activities and issues.

Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee shall serve as a vehicle to make Case Western Reserve University staff aware of community events of a charitable and non-charitable nature. this awareness is intended to foster a greater involvement and relationship of the staff members with the community.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee Committee shall by responsible for organizing and monitoring the election process for the Council, as well as planning an orientation program for the newly elected Council members.

Fringe Benefits Committee

The Fringe Benefits Committee shall suggest, comment, and provide feedback on issues concerning fringe benefits for staff employees.

Staff Policy Committee

The Staff Policy Committee shall suggest, comment, and provide feedback on issues related to policies that may affect staff.

Staff Recognition Committee

The Staff Recognition Committee shall help organize programs and events that recognize and reward staff members for their contributions to the University.

Staff Training and Development Committee

The Staff Training and Development Committee Committee shall shall suggest, comment, and provide feedback on issues concerning training and development of Case Western Reserve University employees in order to improve performance and aid in career advancement with the goal of increasing job satisfaction.