uGO Commuter Survey 2017

The key features of the uGO website connect employees with relevant transportation information. All of the features discussed in the uGO SAC presentation are available through the website. For example, CWRU employees are able to search for carpool partners because CWRU Office for Sustainability created a sub-network for CWRU employees in the Gohio Commute platform. uGO connects you to the Gohio Commute page through our Driving page. The Benefits page links to CWRU’s employee transportation benefits page where there’s more information specific to alternative transportation options for CWRU employees.

The uGO website’s key features include:

  • Transportation alerts – a list of active construction projects affecting travel to and around University Circle.
  • Carpool matching - employees can find carpool partners among people who live near them through the Gohio Commute platform. CWRU employees can search within the CWRU network, among other University Circle employees (uGO network), or across all of Northeast Ohio. CWRU’s sustainability office created a great tutorial with more info specific to CWRU employees.
  • Live shuttle tracker – a map with real-time location data for all district shuttles. Scroll down and click “Large Screen” on the gray map to view in a new tab. Download the TransLoc app for real-time info on the go!
  • Trip planning – enter your origin and destination for step-by-step directions via transit, biking, driving, and existing carpools/vanpools.
  • Benefits by Workplace – information about transportation benefits by workplace so people know how they can save money, increase productivity and get healthier by switching from driving alone to a different mode.
  • Transportation resource map – a pin point map showing locations for bike racks, EV charging, public parking, permit parking and car/bike share stations.

Survey Results

Below are overviews of survey results from the 2017 University Circle Employee Commuter Survey:

For more information, contact:

Annie Pease
University Circle Inc.