April 2016

Committee Highlight: Current and Upcoming Projects

This winter the Wellness Program is in full swing with offerings that keep our body and mind healthy places to be.  CWRU Wellness participants now have access to a suite of online classes called Selfhelpworks, which are designed to create a lifelong behavior change in areas such as stress resilience, weight management, tobacco cessation and more.  Access is free with any employee CWRU login, and wellness participants qualify for a program incentive this December.  Questions? Contact Mary Ann Dobbins, Wellness coordinator at mxd490@case.edu for answers.

The Parking Committee has made major strides this year on improvements in pedestrian safety in key intersections such as the new traffic light at Adelbert and Circle Dr. and improvements in parking structures by way of new LED lights.   The committee is currently reviewing shuttle routes for updates coming this year.

The Elections Committee is currently accepting nominations for the upcoming Staff Advisory Council officers.  The two positions available for election are the Staff Advisory Council Vice Chair and Staff Advisory Council Secretary.  Both positions are candidates nominated by fellow SAC members and are currently active members themselves.  Position determinations will be voted upon this spring.

Minutes are posted on the SAC Website. All staff are invited to attend General Council Meetings.