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Addressing poverty, its causes and consequences

We engage with community partners, aiming to understand and address poverty by delving into its human, social and economic implications, as experienced at the levels of the family and the community.
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Our Work

We work with our community partners to uncover effective and creative solutions to inform social change and policies through the use of data, research, program evaluation, and by putting data-driven tools in the hands of the community. We acknowledge that structural and systematic racism are pervasive throughout our community. Through our work, we pledge to uncover systemic racism and biases with the ultimate goal of contributing to a more equitable and just society. 

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Data Systems and Tools

Our data systems and tools include some of the most comprehensive longitudinal and continually updated integrated data sets in the country. 

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Reports and Publications

The Poverty Center publishes research reports, research briefs, interactive and web-based tools, and peer-reviewed manuscripts to reach a variety of audiences