COVID-19 Community Offerings

Paint splashed on large canvas with word Together
Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

In this time of uncertainty, stress, and trauma, the ability to regulate and to connect with others is more important than ever. Whether it is breathing, moving, drawing, writing, or some other soothing activity, we challenge ourselves and we challenge you to create the time and space to regulate and to do so in the virtual company of others.

Practitioners, teachers, and providers locally and nationally have volunteered their time and their labor to lead our community in a variety of virtual practices, workshops, and classes, free of charge.

With great gratitude, we are pleased to announce the following Community Offerings

None scheduled at this time

Interested in leading your own practice or workshop? Use this form to send us your information.

Recordings of Past Offerings

  • Coming Home - Supportive Self-Massage for Social Distancing, led by Sarah Seely (Instagram: @thaibrooklyn). Soothe your nervous system and care for your body with simple self massage techniques taught by master bodyworker, Sarah Seely of Thai Brooklyn.
  • Creating your Writing Ritual, led by Rafaella Smith-Fiallo MSW, LCSW (Instagram: @healingxchg). Create your own writing ritual and take time for writing during this 90 minute class. We will reflect on the healing benefits of journal keeping and have the opportunity to share your experiences and final writing piece(s) if you choose.

  • Expressive Arts for Healing, led by Eve Andry (Instagram: @embody.create.heal). Participants will be guided to use color, texture and shape to express feelings and sensations. Session will include a short visualization to start and participants will be encouraged to create freely and intuitively. No art experience necessary! Use what you have, potential materials include: crayons, colored pencils or acrylic paint. If using paint: brushes, qtips, makeup sponges. Paper, cardboard or canvas as a surface to paint/draw on.

  • "Ours Poetica": Poetry Writing Workshop, led by Sarah McIntosh (Instagram: @let.everything.happen). No poetry/creative writing experience needed. Join Sarah (a poet and social work student) in a guided session of poetry reading and discussion, followed by solo writing and an opportunity to share with the group.

  • Our Voice of Freedom, led by Tossie Long (Instagram: @tossielong). SING! to heal. incite. change. express. witness. love. Facilitated by Bay Area vocalist and multidisciplinary performer Tossie Long, we can continue to build community through exploring song. No experience needed – just a need to use your voice.
  • Mindful Painting Class, led by Saida Markovic. Get grounded and creative in this 2-hour guided painting class. Participants will need: a canvas or board, brushes, paint (acrylic, watercolor, or oil), water or brush cleaner, rags or paper towels to wipe brushes, and newspaper/plastic/cloth to protect your work area.
  • Slow and Steady Yoga, led by Ashley Oster. This yoga class includes poses held for a longer amount of time to target achy joints and sticky spots. It is based on yin yoga, which is meditative in nature and requires a little bit of inner quiet. Most of the poses will be on the floor. No prior yoga experience is needed. Suggested materials: a mat, a medium sized blanket, 2 rolled up towels (or blocks).
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga, led by Jennifer Schwartz (Instagram: @_jenniferflower_). Gentle movement, breathwork, and guided meditation with a trauma-informed perspective from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a yoga mat or a soft floor (i.e. rug or carpeted area) .