Formal Conduct Process

The term "respondent" refers to the student or student organization alleged to have violated the CWRU Student Code of Conduct. See Common Terms for additional definitions.

Step 1: Initial Meeting with Administrator

Respondents alleged to have violated a Code of Conduct policy will initially meeting with an administrator in the Office of Student Conduct to discuss the incident and give their perspective on what happened.

If the respondent does not agree that a violation occurred, a formal conduct hearing will be scheduled for a later date to determine responsibility and possible sanctions.

If the respondent agrees that a violation occurred, a formal conduct hearing will be scheduled for a later date to determine appropriate sanctions. There is no informal resolution within the formal conduct process.

Step 2: Formal Conduct Hearing

During the formal hearing the respondent will have an opportunity to discuss their perspective on the incident in question. This may include why the respondent does not accept responsibility for the violation and outcomes or sanctions the respondent believes are appropriate.

A three person hearing panel will consider all of the information available, ask questions of the respondent and any witnesses. The hearing board will then determine whether the respondent is responsible for the alleged violations.

If the respondent is found responsible for any violations (or previously accepted responsibility), appropriate sanctions will be determined. Any prior misconduct will be considered during sanctioning after responsibility has been established.

If the respondent is found not responsible for any violations, then the hearing will conclude and no sanctions will be imposed.

The respondent will receive a decision letter at a time after the formal hearing. If the respondent disagrees with the outcome of the hearing, the respondent may appeal the decision.

Step 3: Appeal Process

Respondents wishing to appeal the hearing decision must file an appeal petition within five business days of the hearing decision being sent. An appeal board of three administrators from the Office of Student Affairs or their designees will review all information related to the case and determine if there are grounds for an appeal.

Last Updated: August 14, 2019