University Code of Conduct

Effective Date: August 1, 2023
Responsible Official: Associate Dean of Students & Director of Student Conduct
Responsible University Office: Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards
Review Period: Yearly
Relates to:  Students

The mission of Case Western Reserve University is to improve and enrich people's lives through research that capitalizes on the power of collaboration, and education that dramatically engages students. This goal is realized through: scholarship and creative endeavors that draw on all forms of inquiry; learning that is active, creative and continuous; and promotion of an inclusive culture of global citizenship.

The University Student Code of Conduct serves to support the overall mission and core values of Case Western Reserve University. This includes civility and the free exchange of ideas, civic and international engagement, appreciation for the distinct perspectives and talents of each individual, academic freedom and responsibility, positive treatment and ethical behavior.

The scope of the University Code of Conduct is behavioral expectations of all undergraduate, graduate and professional students. This code is not applicable to sexual misconduct or academic integrity violations; both of which are covered under different policies. This code may be used in conjunction with other policies including but not limited to academic program policies, program-specific professionalism policies, student organization policies, athletic and recreation policies. No policy will automatically pre-empt any other policy and more than one policy may be applied to the same incident in a parallel manner. Any internal behavioral conduct policies for student organizations must be consistent with the University Student Code of Conduct.

Students are expected to be members of the University community who respect others and are committed to personal and academic excellence. The goals of the University conduct process are:

  1. to promote a campus environment that supports the overall educational mission of the University;
  2. to protect the University community from disruption and harm;
  3. to encourage appropriate standards of individual behavior and citizenship;
  4. to foster ethical standards;
  5. to provide fair and consistent due process for students and organizations alleged to have violated the code of conduct.

Last Updated: August 18, 2023