Faculty and Staff Student Support Resources

Students often encounter a great deal of stress during their college years. The Faculty and Staff Guide for Helping Students has been developed to provide you with a useful resource for recognizing students who may be experiencing emotional, physical, or developmental challenges and personal difficulties.

Although many students cope successfully with the demands of balancing life and rigorous academic programs at Case Western Reserve University, some pressures students may face can become overwhelming and unmanageable. As a faculty or staff member interacting with students, you are often in the position to identify and extend the first “helping hand” to a troubled or distressed student.

We are not expecting you to act as a professional counselor, but we hope this information is helpful as you work with students, be supportive of their needs and facilitate referrals to the Dean of Students OfficeUniversity Health and Counseling Services, and other campus resources; as well as increase your awareness of the CARE Team (CT).

Download the Faculty and Staff Guide to Helping Students.

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