Anika Seth

Anika Seth

Major and research focus:

Seth is pursuing a Masters of Public Health along with her undergraduate degree of Biology with minors in Mathematics and Chemistry. Her research project is focusing on the increasing number of pregnant women who report the misuse of prescription and illicit drugs. Particularly, benzodiazepines are increasingly being used, but there is limited and inconsistent research involving its effects on pregnant women and impacts on their birth and infant development. The primary objective of this project is to understand the association among maternal use of benzodiazepines and other psychoactive substances on maternal pregnancy outcomes and neonatal gestational age and birth weight.

Research mentors and funding source:

Seth’s mentors are Dr. Lynn Singer and Dr. Licia Clowtis, Department of Population & Quantitative Health Sciences

Seth is funded by the SOURCE Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences program.

Biggest learning moment while doing research:

About her biggest learning moment, Seth says, “learning about the process of self-disclosure and trust that patients experience when talking about sensitive and personal topics.”

Service and Leadership at CWRU:

Seth is a teaching assistant on campus and is involved in the Civic Engagement Scholars Program. She is also active in Case Kismat, Case Western Reserve University's Premier Desi Fusion Dance Team.

Aspirations for the future:

Seth plans to attend medical school and become a pediatrician.