Summer 2023 Research Scholars

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Undergraduate Research Profiles

Our students are working across the University on very impressive research projects!  Here are a few of their stories.


Reda Riffi

Reda Riffi

Major: Neuroscience and Chemistry  

Project title: Microglial Cells In Sensory Neuron Activity Induced Vascular Formation in the Developing Barrel Cortex.

Mentors: Reda's mentors are Daehoon Lee and Dr. Wen-Cheng Xiong, Case Western Reserve University, Department of Neurosciences, School of Medicine.

Anika Seth

Anika Seth 

Major: Biology

Minors: Math and Chemistry

Project title: "Pregnancy and Fetal Complications Associated with the Use of Benzodiazepines"

Mentor: Dr. Licia Clowtis, Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences

Maggie Storti

Maggie Storti

Major: Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism

Minors: Sports Medicine, Chemistry and Physics

Project title: “A Comparative Study of Different Classes of Nanoparticles used for Theragnostic Systems and How They Affect Cytotoxicity and Cell Metabolism”

Mentors: Dr. Giuseppe Strangi, Professor of Physics and Ohio Research Scholar in Surfaces and Advanced Materials, Endowed Chair and Dr. Andrei Maiseyeu, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering

SOURCE Summer Research Videos

 Check out these video snapshots of SOURCE (2022) Summer Undergraduate Researchers.