Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Saleh

Major and research focus:

Salah is a physics major and his research focus was on "machine learning for artist attribution and cultural preservation”.  

Research mentors and funding source:

Salah’s research mentor was Professor Michael Hinczewski, PhD, from the Department of Physics.

Salah was funded by the SOURCE STEM program.

Biggest learning moment while doing research:

About his biggest learning moment, Salah said, "I have developed confidence doing research this summer, while also gaining knowledge about research process altogether."

Involvement at CWRU, Hobbies:

Salah is involved with the CWRU Tennis club and also enjoys painting and expressing his artistic skills.  

Aspirations for the future:

Salah plans to go onto graduate school and to stay in academia, he also aspires to build his own research lab to continue his quest for new knowledge.