Natalie Hoffner

Natalie Hoffner

Major and research focus:

Hoffner is in process of deciding between being a Chemistry and Biochemistry major.  Her research is described as follows: Inhibiting peptidoglycan degrading lytic transglycosylases may aid in re-sensitizing bacteria to beta-lactam antibiotics. I have been using differential scanning fluorimetry and molecular dynamics to find potential inhibitors of soluble lytic transglycosylase 70 (Slt70). Additionally, I have been trying to crystallize Slt70 and soak these potential inhibitors in order to see how they bind through X-ray crystallography. 

Research mentors and funding source:

Hoffner's research mentor was Focco Van Den Akker, PhD, Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine.

Hoffner was funded by SOURCE STEM program.

Biggest learning moment while doing research:

About her biggest learning moment, Hoffner said, "That's easy, perseverance, because running experiments take diligence and time until they are successful."

Service and Leadership at CWRU:

Hoffner is Vice President of Philanthropy for Korean American Student Association (KASA). She is also in the Sorority Alpha Phi whose main focus is on women's heart health.  In her free time, Hoffner enjoys going to the gym everyday, spending time with friends and reading about organic chemistry. 

Aspirations for the future:

Hoffner plans to attend medical school and currently is interested in being a surgeon but remains open to other areas of focus within medicine.