Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee

Major and research focus: 

Lee is a rising junior and is currently a psychology major.  Lee’s summer 2021 research was focused on "determining the effects of HIV-1 protease inhibitor resistance mutations on characterization of produced viruses."

Research mentors and funding source:

Lee’s research mentor was John Tilton, MD, in the Department of Nutrition within the School of Medicine.

Lee was funded by SOURCE STEM program. 

Biggest learning moment while doing research:

One big idea Nicole Lee has learned this summer was to "Take the entire big picture and do necessary steps to accomplish the goals", she said.  Also, Lee was very insightful about her own personal development, as she said "Present Nicole is trying to learn for future Nicole, and also learning from past Nicole.  If I can think of future Nicole down the line while in the lab, I will benefit from it in great ways.”

Service and Leadership at CWRU, Hobbies:

Lee is Director of House Management with Delta Gamma, to ensure their house is a safe and accessible place.  While not in the lab, Lee volunteers for the Cleveland sight center; she is also physically active and enjoys cooking for friends.

Aspirations for the future:

About her future, Lee said, "Since I was four years old, I imagined my myself as a physician and that has never changed!"