Policies and Procedures


The Tinkham Veale University Center is: a hub for meeting, dining and learning; a gateway to other destinations on campus; and a crucible for development of life-long friendships and connections. During academic sessions, the center serves the diverse communities of Case Western Reserve University, with convenient, safe, clean and sustainable meeting spaces, dining experiences and department suites for students, faculty, staff and guests. When the University is not in academic session, the center provides the same services for a wider external audience.

It is our mission to: provide an exceptional client experience; to foster an environment conducive to learning and connecting with others; and to provide a facility that is fun, safe, secure and welcoming to the diversity of our guests and clients, both internal and external.

  1. Requests:
    1. By University Groups:
      Those with a CWRU ID can use www.case.edu/reservations to make a reservation online. After logging into the system, use the form titled “Non-academic Space Requests” to make the request. Spaces can be reserved up to one year in advance.
      1. Walk-up Requests:
        University Center spaces, which are reserved or already set-up for an upcoming reservation, are not available for walk-up use. Only spaces not in use may be reserved for study sessions (excluding the ballroom). To make a walk-up request, please visit the room sign outside of the space and fill out the form. You may also visit the Information Desk and staff will assist with reserving a room.
    2. By External Groups:
      Those without a Case Western Reserve University ID can contact the Assistant Director of Event Services directly to inquire about space availability.
  2. Approvals:
    1. All event requests will be reviewed for space availability within three working days of receipt of request.

    2. The University Center prioritizes university sponsored events over all others, and may reschedule or adjust dates and spaces depending on availability and/or circumstances. 

      1. The University Center will make every possible accommodation to the first scheduled event, but reserves the right to reassign to other equitable space on campus. 

      2. The University Center maintains a list of approved annual events at Case Western Reserve University, which are given priority scheduling at all times.

      3. The University Center reserves the right to adjust space assignments.

      4. Wedding receptions and other external rentals are typically only scheduled during non-academic time periods.

    3. The University Center reserves the right to cancel or decline a reservation if the event taking place violates these policies or is in conflict with the mission and guiding principles of the University Center and Case Western Reserve University.

    4. The University Center reserves the right to limit the number of events any one group may hold to ensure the fullest use of the facilities and provide the entire Case Western Reserve University community with the opportunity to use the space. 

    5. The University Center requires a valid speedtype for university groups to confirm a space request. Upon completion of the event, the speedtype may be charged for usage fees (if any). 

    6. The University Center does not permit student organization rehearsals in the ballroom unless it is a rehearsal for an event taking place in the ballroom.

  1. Student Rates:
    Licensee must be a registered student organization with the Undergraduate Student Government or Graduate Student Council and will pay for all fees via speedtype. Advisors or department staff cannot make a reservation on behalf of a student organization. 
  2. Department Rates:
    Licensee must be a university department and will pay for all fees via speedtype.

    If an event is co-sponsored by a university department and an external group, it must meet the following criteria:
    1. The event benefits and supports the mission of Case Western Reserve University and has a direct affiliation to a department or school within the university.

    2. The university department sponsoring the event is actively involved with its planning and will have a representative present for the entirety of the event.

    3. The university department will pay the University Center for all fees via speedtype. The university department is responsible for collecting expenses from external co-sponsors independently via the terms of their agreement.

  3. Affiliate Rates:
    Licensee must be one of the following:
    1. A nonprofit organization or
    2. An organization located within University Circle or
    3. An individual student, faculty, staff or alumnus of Case Western Reserve University that is hosting a private event.
  4. External Rates:
    Any Licensee that does not qualify for any of the above rates
  1. Prior to the event:
    1. Student Organizations and University Departments:
      Must provide a speedtype at the time of booking.
    2. Affiliate and External Groups:
      Agree to pay by cash, check or credit card a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the rental fee at the time of booking. Licensee agrees to pay the total remaining contracted balance at least seven days prior to the start of their contracted time. If payment is not received by that time, the License Agreement will automatically terminate without liability to the University and access to the University Center shall be denied.
  2. Following the event:
    1. Student Organizations and University Departments:
      Licensee agrees to pay the total remaining contracted balance via speedtype.
    2. Affiliate and External Groups:
      Any adjustments in billing will be invoiced to Licensee following the event. Licensee agrees to pay by cash, check or credit card the total balance due within 30 days following receipt of invoice. If payment is not received as stated herein, the university may cancel future events and may take legal action to secure payment. In addition, a late payment charge of 10% per month on the unpaid balance will be added to the account balance. 
  1. By the Licensee:
    In an effort to use the University Center to its fullest capacity, we request that the Licensee notify the university immediately if they are not able to use a reserved space. Failure to do so may result in cancellation fees or the loss of booking privileges.  

    In the event that the Licensee cancels the event:
    1. More than one month prior to the event – Licensee is not liable for the rental fee (excluding affiliate and external groups)
    2. At least two weeks prior to the event - Licensee liable for 25% of the rental fee
    3. At least one week prior to the event – Licensee liable for 75% of the rental fee
    4. Less than one week prior to the event – Licensee liable for 100% of the rental fee 
    5. Should the Licensee be a registered student organization that does not normally pay rental fees and the Licensee cancels the event with less than three days prior to the event, then Licensee shall be liable for 100% of the rental fees billed at the current university department rate. 
  2. By the University:
    The University may cancel an agreement upon seven days written notice. The University, for public necessity or emergency use, may cancel this agreement at any time. In the event of cancellation for any of the aforementioned reasons, the University’s liability shall be limited to repayment of any advance payment of rental fees by the Licensee. 
  3. Force Majeure
    Neither the University or the Licensee shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity [or telephone service], and no other Party will have a right to terminate an agreement in such circumstances.
  1. Complimentary Holds
    Complimentary holds are only valid for one week. At most, a Licensee may only hold three dates at a time.
  2. No Shows
    In the event that the Licensee does not show up and utilize a space that they had previously reserved:
    1. First offense – Licensee liable for 100% of the rental fees (billed at the current university department rate for student organizations)
    2. Second offense – Licensee liable for 100% of the rental fees (billed at the current university department rate for student organizations) and any remaining reservations scheduled throughout the remainder of the semester will be cancelled

  1. Exclusivity
    When a Licensee requests that other nearby event spaces not be used by other groups during their event, they will pay an hourly fee of 50% of the rental fees for those spaces.
    1. While the ballroom has sound-proof barriers, the noise created by amplified speakers commonly used by DJs and live bands require us to block other sections of the ballroom if not being used by the event. The fee required to block those spaces will be reflected in the overall reservation.
  2. Storage
    Groups may request to hold equipment and for up to two days before and/or after an event. Items left after two days will be disposed. The University Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  3. Deliveries
    1. Loading Dock
      The University Center is equipped with a loading dock for easy deliveries of large items. Arrangements should be made in advance with the facility before anything is shipped. Licensee will be responsible for securing a full-service delivery, which includes transporting any items from the loading dock to its intended destination. A pallet jack is available for use if needed. Return shipping arrangements are also the responsibility of the Licensee.
      1. Please note: A semi-truck will not fit into the loading dock. Deliveries should be arranged via a smaller box truck to be capable of fitting into the dock.
    2. Unloading/Loading Vehicles
      Licensees that have materials that need to be unloaded/loaded for their event have several options. If street parking is available, they may choose to pull up next to the building. They may also choose to unload their vehicle from inside the parking garage. The first 30 minutes are free. Lastly, if needed, Licensees may temporarily park in the loading dock if available. Licensees must move their vehicle from the loading dock when they are finished loading/unloading. Carts and dollies are available for use at the Information Desk.
      1. The oval in front of Kelvin Smith Library is for pedestrian traffic only. No deliveries are accepted from vehicles approaching from the oval unless specific written authorization has been obtained in advance. The University Center is not responsible for any ticketing or policy violations applied to contractors or external guests who park in unapproved areas.
  4. Setup and Teardown
    Reservations include setup time for the Licensee in the rental fee (one hour for the ballroom and fifteen minutes for all other rooms). If the Licensee requires setup time the day prior and the space is available, they will be billed an hourly fee of 50% of the rental rate. 
  5. Personnel
    Staff required for the operation of University Center will be determined by the university and supplied as needed. The Licensee will be billed any charges above and beyond normal staffing needs.
    1. If the Licensee has a need for a staff member to continually assist with audio/visual or room setup needs throughout the duration of their event, they will be liable for a $35 per hour fee.
    2. Events that last longer than 10 p.m. or start prior to 7 a.m. will pay a premium of $250 per hour in addition to the hourly room fee.
  6. Lost and Found
    Lost and found items can be retrieved from the Information Desk. Items are held for no longer than 2 weeks. The university accepts no responsibility for the personal property left behind by the Licensee or their guests.
  7. Equipment
    All rental fees are inclusive of tables and chairs. A list of additional equipment available (fees may apply) can be found at here. Linens are required for all tables within the ballroom and should be rented through Bon Appétit Catering.
  8. Signage
    1. No signs of any sort may be affixed to the walls, doors, windows, blinds or floors of the University Center without prior consent by staff. Within reserved spaces, the Licensee is permitted to use low residue tape to affix items to the walls, doors or windows. Thumbtacks, push-pins, staples, nails and glue may not be used.

    2. All signs must be in good taste and contain no offensive language or threats.

  9. Tabling
    University Center approval is required for all tabling requests. Please submit your request through the Spartan Reservation System. The University Center provides up to five tables in the commons area:
    1. Approvals will only be granted for recognized student organizations or university departments. 

    2. No food distribution will be permitted in the University Center as part of a tabling reservation. This policy restricts food used in free giveaways, promotional items, candy, bake sales, fundraisers, celebrations, memorials, etc. This policy does not affect tabling reservations that order food through Bon Appétit Catering.

  1. Exclusivity
    All events hosted within the University Center are required to use our exclusive caterer, Bon Appétit Catering. Licensee is expressly prohibited from bringing in any food products, beverages, or other catering supplies, and agrees to utilize only the University Center’s contracted food service vendor. Should a Licensee be found violating the terms of the exclusive catering policy:
    1. First offense – Licensee will not be permitted to serve any external food at their event and will be liable for $250 penalty
    2. Second offense – Licensee will not be permitted to serve any external food at their event and will be liable for $500 penalty. Any remaining reservations scheduled throughout the remainder of the semester will be cancelled.
  2. Restricted Foods
    Because of cleanliness concerns, the food items listed below are restricted from the University Center:
    1. Boxed Lunches (Bon Appétit Catering can provide an alternative, eco-friendly solution.)
    2. Marshmallows
    3. Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries when served as part of a raw fruit platter
    4. Powdered sugar
    5. Edible glitter
  3. Student Organization Meals
    Bon Appétit Catering offers a 40% discount on their regular catering menu to registered student organizations. Student organizations using the Student Organization Center (Room 150) are allowed to bring in food from other university approved external vendors with the following stipulations:
    1. All food must be consumed inside the room and no other space within the University Center.

    2. The maximum food budget for the event must be under $500.

    3. Food cannot be mass distributed. The amount of food cannot exceed that to be consumed by the maximum occupancy of the room (100 people).

    4. Student organizations must clean up any waste, leftovers and trash. Food may not be stored in the space after an event.

    5. External food vendors may not enter other food service areas of the University Center and food deliveries must occur been the hours of 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.

    6. This policy only applies to registered student organizations. University departments and external clients are still required to use Bon Appétit Catering for their events hosted in the Student Organization Center. Those found to be violating this policy will be subject to penalties.

  4. Cultural Events
    Every attempt will be made by Bon Appétit Catering to meet requested foods or dietary restrictions. In the case that they cannot, exceptions can be made. Please note that Bon Appétit’s chefs have expertise in providing a range of cultural cuisines that may not appear on regular menus. If you’d like to apply for a cultural exemption to Bon Appétit’s exclusivity, please contact the University Center’s Executive Director directly. After reviewing your request and confirming with Bon Appétit, a waiver may be granted on a case-by-case basis to allow a group to bring in external vendor. The vendor selected must still be approved through the University’s procurement department.
  1. Campus Center Parking Garage (Lot S-29)
    The University Center is directly attached to the underground garage located at 11172 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44106. Guests should only use this entrance. The entrance located along Bellflower Road is for permit holders only and those without an access card will not be able to enter/exit from this location.
  2. Event Parking Requests
    The Licensee is responsible for making parking arrangements for guests by contacting Parking Services. If accommodations can be made, they will work with the Licensee to arrange a voucher system that allows guests to park in the garage and have the fees absorbed by the host. The special event rate is $11 per vehicle. Parking is never included in the cost of hosting an event at the University Center.
  3. Valet Parking
    The Licensee is welcome to work with the valet company of their choosing when hosting an event at the University Center. The company will be responsible for coordinating parking needs with Parking Services and will usually incorporate those fees directly into their overall costs.
  4. Bus Parking
    Occasionally, large groups will be bussed to an event being hosted at the University Center. The Licensee can work with The Department of Public Safety to restrict street parking and bag meters to allow busses easy access. They can also make arrangements for bus parking at a nearby surface lot if needed.

General Guidelines

The Tinkham Veale University Center is not equipped for a full trade show exhibition. However, many conferences have exhibitors sponsoring the conference and space is needed for a showcase. In order to assist with a successful showcase, the following guidelines and expectations must be met in regards to exhibitors:

  1. Exhibits must be limited to tabletop exhibits only. The facility will provide a 6’ or 8’ table for each exhibit. Pop-up banners are permitted within reasonability and as long as they do not exceed the allotted space.
  2. The client is responsible for exhibitor/exhibit management. All deliveries, equipment drop off/pick up, and setup must be coordinated with the facility by the hosting client. Additionally, the client must be present to manage exhibitors during any setup and tear down times.
  3. The client will assign tables for the exhibitors as needed.
  4. The facility will provide a room diagram, as requested by the client.
  5. Exhibits in need of electricity will be determined ahead of time by the client. The client will communicate those needs to the facility including the locations where electricity is needed. 
  6. Exhibitors may ship items ahead of time if needed. All items must be addressed to:
    • Tinkham Veale University Center, [CONFERENCE NAME]
    • 11038 Bellflower Rd.
    • Cleveland, OH 44106
  7. Any pallets or large shipments must be scheduled with white glove delivery service, with drop off and pickup to the ballroom. The client will manage the timing of delivery and pickup with the exhibitor and is expected to be onsite. The client is responsible for ensuring exhibitors equipment is delivered to the space as needed. Any standard shipments arriving ahead of time will be stored at the Information Desk, unless an alternative location is determined due to storage needs. The client will pick up these items from the desk and deliver them to the space for the exhibitors.
  8. There is a FedEx facility on campus, in the building next door to the facility. If the client would like to coordinate additional shipping details and options for the exhibitors, they may do so directly with FedEx. All outgoing shipments must be coordinated by the exhibitors or client.
  9. All AV equipment needed for displays must either be set up and removed by the exhibitor on site or must be rented through MediaVision on campus. No external AV vendors are permitted.


Two weeks in advance:

  1. Exhibitor table and chair counts
  2. Linen needs 
  3. 1 week in advance: 
  4. Exhibitor room diagram & assignments (if applicable)
  5. Electricity needs and locations
  6. Shipping expectations (who is shipping items, how many items, when will they be delivered, etc.)
  1. University Policies
    Licensee agrees to abide by all university policies in effect at the time of the event, as well as all local, state, and federal law. All state, local, and university regulations concerning health, safety and public order, which are applicable to the use and occupancy of public facilities, shall be observed.
  2. Right of Entry
    The premises shall at all times be under the control of the university and all university personnel, agents, police and fire department employees shall have the right to enter the University Center at any time.
  3. Hours

    During regular operations, the University Center is open to the general public from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Other times, the University Center is accessible to those with an active Case Western Reserve University ID and associates that have been granted appropriate permissions to the building. Individual office suites are accessible based on pre-approved access hours. Inquire with the department for details.

    During breaks or major holidays, the University Center may be closed or operate on reduced hours. During these instances, 24/7 access will be reduced to those with an active Case Western Reserve University ID. The University Center is always under 24/7 video surveillance.

    1. Information Desk Hours
      The desk is staffed 24/7 with various levels of activity and support:
      1. 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: University Center staff are available to assist with instructions, reservations, ticketing and other services.
      2. 11 p.m. – 7 a.m.: While University Center staff are not available during these hours, security personnel are available for emergency assistance at all times.
  4. Restricted Items
    The items below are restricted from being used by groups within the University Center. Additional cleaning costs and fines may be assessed after the event should the space not be left as agreed upon.
    1. Open flames
    2. Glitter 
    3. Confetti 
    4. Simulated snow
    5. Sand
  5. Defacement and Damage of Property
    Equipment damaged will be billed at the cost of replacement plus a $50 processing fee. Rooms that are left with excessive amounts of trash or are left in an unfavorable manor are subject to cleaning fees as determined by custodial needs ($50 minimum).
  6. Dress Code
    Due to the proximity of food service, shoes and shirts must be worn within the University Center and on adjacent outdoor patios.
  7. Recordings, Television and Projections
    Radio and television broadcasting, movies, film, videotape recording and transaction rights for any performance or rehearsal are expressly reserved to the university. The university shall remain in control of the public address system at all times.
    1. Movies
      It is the responsibility of the Licensee to obtain the public performance rights for any public showing of video or films. It is illegal to conduct a public showing without first obtaining the necessary license for the program. Without such license, the public showing becomes a copyright infringement and violators can be prosecuted and held liable for fines.

      The copyright laws apply whether you charge admission or not. There are no distinctions between profit and non-profit groups. Ownership of an individual video does not give one the right to show it in a public place; it is for home use only.

  8. Gambling
    Any Licensee hosting gambling/games of chance must submit all necessary licenses and permits from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the local municipality.
  9. Animals
    Non-service animals are only permitted in the facility with staff pre-approval and as part of a scheduled reservation in a restricted area of the building. The Licensee will be held responsible for any damage or cleaning required as directly related to the animals.
    1. Service Animals
      Service animals (including those in training) are welcome in the facility, but must remain with the person they are assisting at all times. Service animals do not have to wear identification vests, but it is encouraged. Service animals that are a danger to other guests (barking/snarling/lunging) and are not able to be restrained by the person they are assisting may be asked to be removed from the facility. Reasonable accommodations/distances must be maintained if another guest is allergic to a service animal.

      The Ohio Administrative Code permits establishments to ask the following questions:
      1. Is the animal a trained service animal?
      2. What services is the animal trained to conduct?
  10. Personal Transport
    Roller skates/blades, skateboards, bicycles, hoverboards, scooters and cleats are not permitted within the University Center. No hard-wheeled carts or pallet jacks are permitted in the building except for approved deliveries through the basement.
  11. Tobacco Free
    Case Western Reserve University prohibits the use of tobacco products at all times on campus property. The sale, advertising, sampling and distribution of tobacco products and tobacco related merchandise is prohibited on all Case Western Reserve University properties.
    1. “Tobacco” refers to any product containing tobacco in any form. Tobacco products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes (clove, bidis, kreteks, ecigarettes), cigars and cigarillos, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, and any other smoking devices that use tobacco such as hookahs, and any other existing or future smoking, tobacco or tobacco-related products.
  1. Architectural Standards
    In keeping with the form and function of the facility, the following guidelines are provided for occupants and residents of the University Center:
    1. All furnishings, furniture replacements and aesthetic changes to office spaces and the common spaces, meeting rooms, gathering spaces of the facility must be approved by the Executive Director and the Director of Planning, Design & Construction prior to ordering or installation. Failure to do so could lead to item removal.

    2. Blinds and window films may be requested and must be approved in appearance and material to be consistent with the facility standards. Signage for offices and office spaces may be requested for update or change via the Assistant Director of Operations and will be provided in a fashion which meets the design aesthetic of the facility.

  2. Cleanliness
    Custodial Services is responsible for providing a healthy, sanitary and safe environment at the University Center. There are three custodians assigned to the facility per shift, whose job it is to make sure that everyday interiors are maintained and event waste is disposed of properly. The University Center supports a full recycling and waste management initiative.
  3. Sustainability
    As the second LEED Gold certification on campus, the University Center features an “air curtain,” which captures and releases the sun’s heat before heating the interior space. The internal temperature is also managed through radiant-floor heating and cooling, chill-beam technology, a green roof and an automated window-shad system. The roof also captures non-drinkable water and utilizes solar panels to offset electricity costs white the pulping system disposes of left-over food waste that’s in turn sent to University’s farm as compost. 
  4. Inclusivity

    Case Western Reserve University aspires to be an inclusive environment, believing that the creative energy and variety of insights that result from diversity are a vital component of the intellectual rigor and social fabric of the university. As a scholarly community, we are dedicated to being inclusive of people of all racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, national and international backgrounds, welcoming diversity of thought, pedagogy, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, political affiliation and disability.

    The University Center is completely wheelchair accessible. Elevators are available to help guests easily navigate the building, including direct access to the underground parking garage. It also features two single stall (gender neutral) restrooms available for guests.

    The University Center is equipped with a lactation room for mothers of young children, located inside the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women. Assisted hearing devices are available for use inside the ballroom and all room signage throughout the facility has braille. Meditation and/or prayer rooms can be made available upon request.

  5. Technology
    The University Center is one of the most state-of-the-art facilities on campus. All room rental fees are inclusive of built-in audio/visual features. Every rentable space in the building has built-in projection screens or monitor.
    1. Internet
      Free wifi can be found throughout the entire campus by guests via the “Case Guest” network. Hardwired internet connections can be provided as long as the device is registered in advance with University Technology. We cannot accommodate an on-the-spot hardwired connection without prior authorization.
    2. Technicians
      A dedicated A/V technician can be assigned to an event (fees apply). If needed, our A/V Technician can engage MediaVision, the campus A/V partner for more advanced solutions as well as live-streaming needs.
    3. Media Wall
      Located in the main entrance of the University Center, the Media Wall is the perfect medium to display social media posts, important messages, schedules or sponsor advertising. With a built-in platform, we can display a designated social media #hashtags and instantly display posts made by attendees on Twitter and Instagram. The Media Wall is also capable to displaying live streamed video footage or looping presentations.
    4. Charging Stations
      Located throughout the University Center are several phone charging stations. Additionally, located on the first floor beside the food court is a charging locker, where guests can create their own code to lock up the device while it charges.
  6. Piano
    All musically gifted students are welcome to use the piano located on the second floor. Sheet music is provided in the bench seat for use. However, use of the piano may not interfere with any scheduled reservations, and any performance must cease at the request of staff. Use of the piano is reduced during the weeks leading up to exams/mid-terms. The piano may also be reserved for events (fees apply).
  1. Security
    A security guard is positioned in the University Center at all times and available at the Information Desk. The building is monitored by surveillance cameras placed throughout the facility, but not in the private offices or meeting rooms. 
    1. Event Security
      All events that serve alcohol are required to hire additional security guards for the duration of the event. Licensee is expressly prohibited from bringing in or arranging for the service of any private, volunteer, or independent security force. For full details about the number of required security guards and fees, please visit https://case.edu/publicsafety/police/event-security.
  2. Emergency Procedures
    In any emergency situation, staff and/or emergency personnel will provide instructions that must be followed. If you witness or are involved in an emergency situation, please dial 216.368.3333 as opposed to 911 to speak with an operator familiar with campus buildings.

    1. Fire: Evacuate outside or to Thwing Center
    2. Power-outage: Evacuate outside or to Thwing Center (Sprinkler systems are offline when power is not on within the building.)
    3. Tornado Warning: Follow staff to the basement of the University Center or as a secondary measure, enter the underground parking garage and shelter in place.
  3. Obstructions
    No event shall obstruct sidewalks, doors, passages or avenues of ingress or egress to or from the University Center, except in the lobby areas, as permitted by staff. 
  4. Weapons, Substances and Hazardous Materials
    Possession of illegal substances or firearms, knives and other disclosed weapons are prohibited within the University Center. Any guests shall not bring any exhibit, equipment, vehicle or other items on the premises of the University Center that is potentially dangerous to persons and/or property.
  5. Damage, Theft and Vandalism
    The University Center is not responsible for damage, theft or vandalism to the sponsoring organization’s personal items. Should anyone be found damaging university property, those individuals will be subject to fines and possible legal action as determined by the Department of Public Safety and the university’s legal team.