Stage and Flooring

Stage Unit

image of stage units
  • Each unit is 6' wide by 8' deep with gray carpet.
  • Unit has two adjustable heights of 16" or 24".
  • Choice of:
    • Black or white skirting
    • Black or white backdrop
    • Stairs and/or wheelchair ramp
    • Support railing
  • Minimum of two units required.

Quantity: 10

Fee: $50

Availability: Ballroom

Beaded Backdrop Overlay 

image of beaded drapes
  • Paired with white stage backdrop.

Quantity: 1

Fee: $25

Availability: Ballroom


Stage Plants

image of a plant
  • Plants are approximately 36" tall and are housed in a silver 12" square container.

Quantity: 6

Fee: $5

Availability: Ballroom


Wooden Dance Floor 

Image of maple wooden dance floor
  • Each panel is 46" wide by 46" long with a maple finish.
  • Minimum of 20 panels required.
  • In its maximum size (21' wide by 27' long), the dance floor accommodates approximately 150 people.

Quantity: 42

Fee: $20

Availability: Ballroom (Only available during the University's summer break.)