The Fowler Center Announces the 2022 Flourish Prize Finalists

It is with great excitement that we announce our 2022 Flourish Prize Finalists.

Every year thousands of students around the world participate in the AIM2Flourish program. They are introduced to the UN Global Goals, Appreciative Inquiry, and Business as an Agent of World Benefit in their classes by their professors. Then they seek out and write about positive business innovations that are changing the world. 

As part of our mission to demonstrate the power of business to be an agent of world benefit, each year we award the 17 Flourish Prizes - one for each of the 17 Global Goals - to stories written during the previous calendar year. The Flourish Prizes recognize the accomplishments of the student author(s), the professor who oversaw the story's publication, and the business profiled in the story. 

But before we make that big announcement, we want to share our Finalists.

The Flourish Prize Finalists are the stories that our distinguished jury will read and vote on to determine our 17 Honorees. They represent the top rated stories across all of the schools using AIM2Flourish last year. In 2021 we published a total of 685 stories and we are pleased to present our 84 Finalists. The Finalist stories come from 41 professors from 31 universities in 20 countries. The businesses represented span 28 countries around the globe.

Each of these stories demonstrate the power of business to "do good and do well" for all people and life on earth and under the sea. We invite you to discover stories that show us what our world can be like when business excels, humankind flourishes, and nature thrives. 

Congratulations to all of our students, professors, and business leaders who are part of the AIM2Flourish community. Together you truly represent a commitment to Business as an Agent of World Benefit. 

Click Here to View the 2022 Flourish Prize Finalists. 

Please take a moment with us to congratulate our Finalists as we await the results of the 2022 Flourish Prizes.