Additional Resources

The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management exists to create a world where business can prosper, human beings can flourish and nature can thrive. If you’re looking for resources relating to that, you’ve come to the right place.

Explore resources either through the Fowler Center, one of our partners, or other organizations that share similar goals: 

  • Academy for Systems Change: This global community is committed to developing living examples of social systems that foster flourishing of the ecosystem, society and economy.
  • AIM2Flourish: AIM2Flourish is a Fowler Center initiative and is the world's first database of student-authored stories and appreciative inquiry interviews about business innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and flourishing enterprise.
  • Appreciative Inquiry Commons: AI was founded at Weatherhead School of Management by two of organizational behavior professors: Ron Fry, PhD, professor, organizational behavior; and David Cooperrider, PhD, Fairmount Santrol - David L. Cooperrider Professor in Appreciative Inquiry and Distinguished University Professor, CWRU.
  • Ask Nature: Use “Ask Nature” to see how nature’s design answers can help solve human problems.
  • Biomimicry Institute: This resource helps organizations observe nature to model solutions to human problems.
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): The Fowler Center encourages organizations to report on their sustainability metrics to CDP, to the Global Reporting Initiative and/or to the UN Global Compact.
  • Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership: The CARL test is a pragmatic and rapid way for individuals and groups to determine responsible leadership competencies.
  • CWRU Office of Sustainability: CWRU’s Office of Sustainability is the implementer of many of the sustainability initiatives on campus. The office partners and collaborates with many campus departments, leaders and organizations to transform the university towards a flourishing tomorrow.
  • Ecosystem Services Partnership: A network organization that connects researchers and practitioners to implement best practices for managing ecosystem services to maintain and enhance our Natural Capital.
  • EPOCH Pi: EPOCH Pi takes a holistic approach to investment banking that incorporates proprietary culture tools and integration planning into the capital raising and M&A process in order to deliver the best transaction value and the best organizational fit.
  • Global Reporting Initiative: The Fowler Center encourages organizations to report on their sustainability metrics to GRI, to the Carbon Disclosure Project, and/or to the UN Global Compact.
  • Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative: The GRLI exists to catalyze the development of globally responsible leadership and practice in organizations and societies worldwide.
  • GreenCityBlueLake Institute at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History: This thought partner is striving to explore, live and transform NE Ohio and beyond into thriving, sustainable regions.
  • IDEO: IDEO was the lead design organization working with the Fowler Center for the purpose of outlining the global process for nominating, selecting, and recognizing examples for sustainable value. This project grew into what is now AIM2Flourish and the Flourish Prizes.
  • Principles of Responsible Management Education: This initiative began at the Fowler Center's 2006 Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. Launched at the 2007 UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in Geneva, the PRME initiative is the largest organized relationship between the United Nations and business schools, with the PRME secretariat housed in the UN Global Compact Office. 
  • Society for Organizational Learning: SoL is a learning resource devoted to the interdependent development of people and their institutions in service of inspired performance and meaningful results. SoL founding chairperson Peter Senge, PhD, is a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of The Fifth Discipline. He also serves on the Fowler Center’s advisory board.
  • Spirit of Leadership: This experiential learning resource works with horses and nature to teach leadership, enhance team performance and creates organizational spirit and personal discovery.
  • Sulitest: This resource helps to improve “Sustainability Literacy,” empowering informed and responsible decision making towards a sustainable future.
  • Sustainable Cleveland: The City of Cleveland Mayor’s Office hosts the yearly conference that is the epicenter of the emerging plan to recreate Cleveland and make it a sustainable and thriving region.
  • Triple Pundit: This global media platform for people, planet and profit shares examples of how business is a force for good.
  • UN Global Compact: The Fowler Center encourages organizations to report on their sustainability metrics to UNGC, Carbon Disclosure Project and to the Global Reporting Initiative. The Fowler Center served as secretariat of the US Network of the UNGC from 2007–2012.
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: The 2030 agenda for sustainable development is a plan of action organized into 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs seek to end poverty and hunger, to protect the planet from degradation, and to achieve prosperity, peace and partnership.
  • Weatherhead Executive Education: What you learn in a single day can change everything. Weatherhead Executive Education offers programs for individuals and teams on topics like emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry.