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The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit and the Founders Academy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have teamed up to offer an opportunity for students to identify social or environmental issues and form teams to craft innovative solutions. 

The mission of the ThinkImpact Academy of Social Enterprises (ThinkImpact) is to develop and promote businesses that create positive impact for communities, societies and the environment around the world. Participation in the ThinkImpact program gives students the opportunity to attend virtual workshops together with other students from around the globe for international exposure and the cultural exchange of ideas, along with a hands-on opportunity to closely examine a societal or environmental issue and build their own project.

The ThinkImpact program is a global initiative to teach students about the power of social entrepreneurship. Multiple universities around the world offer the program each year and participants have the opportunity to connect with global students during each session. There may be the possibility for international travel associated with the program as well.

Picture of Asse Emmanuelle Brou presenting her ThinkImpact final project
Asse Emmanuelle Brou presents her final project at the end of the 2021-2022 ThinkImpact program.

Throughout the program, individually or in teams, students will demonstrate their proposed solution's impact, feasibility, sustainability, scalability or replicability, as well as its acceptability or desirability to the community or target population. 

Students are expected to work on this idea throughout the academic year and will acquire necessary tools, receive mentoring and possibly funding, to help grow their social venture. 

The ThinkImpact program runs from September through April. Students will attend bi-weekly sessions with our international participants as well as coaching sessions with their CWRU cohort. Participants will be expected to present their solution and work in April. 

Please email with any questions. 

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