Jacqueline Cambata

Born in Bombay, India, Jacqueline Cambata grew up in five countries. Among the international traditions to which she was exposed, the visual storytelling of 16th century Indian Mughal art made a deep and lingering impression. She established Jacqueline Cambata Designs LLC to develop a line of porcelain tableware inspired by the sumptuous style of the Mughal Empire, which at its height stretched from Bangladesh to Kashmir.

In 2008, Jacqueline Cambata Designs launched two collections, Shangri-La and Elephant Shantih, manufactured in Limoges, France, where craftsmen have been making porcelain for kings and queens for centuries. Known for its translucent delicacy, Limoges porcelain epitomizes elegance at the table.

Having grown up in countries where many families lacked the basic necessities of life, Ms. Cambata passionately believes that business can help eliminate global poverty. Microfinance—small uncollateralized loans to village women—is a proven, low-cost way to raise the standard of living in poor regions of the world. A portion of profits from the sale of Jacqueline Cambata Designs porcelain therefore goes to microfinance and its quest for human dignity. Ms. Cambata's commitment to social responsibility includes serving on the boards of several international organizations and non-governmental organizations, in addition to supporting life-affirming causes. As a businesswoman, designer and citizen of the world, Ms. Cambata combines her interests to promote the interconnectedness of humanity.