Ilma Barros

As a co-founder of TimeZero Enterprises LLC, Ilma Barros has advised organizations and leaders in some of the world's largest organizations. By focusing on strengths and supporting a deeper connection to purpose, she has successfully facilitated numerous multi-stakeholder, large-scale strategy and change projects for organizations, government, and industries throughout the world. She has spoken globally and has led numerous seminars and workshops in Appreciative Inquiry.

A sustainability scholar and practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry, Ilma believes in the power of connection to each other, the world, and ourselves because connected people, teams, organizations, and communities help lead to a thriving world. She is a Distinguished Fellow at the Fowler Center for Sustainable Value at Case Western Reserve University where she co-facilitated the Appreciative Inquiry Summit with David Cooperrider and Ron Fry at the Flourish & Prosper Global Forum in 2014.

Prior to forming TimeZero, Ilma was president of Infinity International where she facilitated the Global Forum Latin America, and was a senior consultant for the Federation of Industries of the State of Parana. She was a consultant to the United Nations, and the World Bank. In a partnership with Case Western Reserve, she also delivered the Appreciative Inquiry Certificate Program in Brazil.

She worked as an Assistant Professor of Business at the State University of New York and L'Moyne College.

Ilma Barros, PhD, received her doctorate in organizational behavior from Case Western Reserve University where her research and teaching focus on leadership development, sustainability, and organizational change. In addition to her academic experience and consulting work, Ilma is a co-author of the book, Flourishing Enterprise, the New Spirit of Business, and of numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals.