L. Hunter Lovins

L. Hunter Lovins is President of Natural Capitalism Solutions. NCS helps companies, communities and countries implement more regenerative practices profitably.

A professor of sustainable business management at Bard MBA, Hunter was named a Master at the De Tao Academy in Shanghai. She sits on the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome, Alliance for Sustainability And Prosperity, and Capital Institute Advisory Board. A founding mentor of the Unreasonable Institute, she teaches entrepreneuring and coaches social enterprises around the world. She is a founding partner in Principium, an impact investing firm.

A consultant to scores of industries and governments worldwide, including International Finance Corporation, Unilever, Walmart, the United Nations and Royal Dutch Shell, as well as sustainability champions Interface, Patagonia and Clif Bar, she has briefed heads of state, leaders of the numerous local governments, the Pentagon, and about 30 countries, as well as the UN, and the US Congress.

Hunter has written 15 books and hundreds of articles. She has won dozens of awards, including the European Sustainability Pioneer award, and the Right Livelihood Award. Time Magazine recognized her as a Millennium Hero for the Planet, and Newsweek called her the Green Business Icon.