Michael Pirson

Michael Pirson is a scholar of humanistic management, which holds that business and commerce ought to protect human dignity and promote societal well-being. He is currently a professor for Global Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship at Fordham University, New York and a Research Fellow at Harvard University.

He is the co-founder of the Humanistic Management Network, a global organization bringing academics from various disciplines together with practitioners, policy makers and media representatives to accelerate the transition towards a life-conducive economic system. Professor Pirson is the also actively exploring the role of higher education in positive change making and social innovation, leading Fordham University‘s efforts as an ASHOKA Changemaker Campus.

Michael Pirson is Editor-in-Chief of the Humanistic Management Journal” published by Springer/Nature. He established the social entrepreneurship track for the Oikos-Ashoka Global Case Writing Competition and serves on the board of five social enterprises. A native of Germany, Michael Pirson has worked and lived in Switzerland, France, China, Costa Rica and the United States. Before beginning his academic career, he worked for an international consulting group for several years and then started his own private consultancy. He has worked for and with businesses, nonprofits, embassies, political campaigns, and local and national governments. He is a Full Member of the Club of Rome and his work has won him numerous awards, including from the Academy of Management.