Angel Lopez Mutuberria

Angel M Lopez Mutuberria graduated in Law (Universidad de Navarra, Spain), but soon after, he decided to pursue an MBA at the University of Houston, Texas, where he graduated in 1995. After a few years working in Human Resources for different corporations, he realized that Law only provided him with a limited framework of reference to manage people, so he graduated in Psychology years later to better understand human behavior’s labor dynamics. He has been working in International Human Resources for 20+ years.

Once, he was told that he has an old soul always looking for new learnings. He feels his old spirit might be why he started his Doctorate at Case Western Reserve University and the Fellowship at the Fowler Center. He believes his research can make professionals better understand what role our jobs and our authentic selves play in finding life meaning. He graduated in 2.020 with a mixed methods dissertation about how professionals find life meaning.

He is the proud father of three beautiful kids: Luís, Lucas, and Laia. Marta, his wife, his kids, and in general, his family are his passion. He also finds joy remembering childhood when he meets with his old-time buddies from school and neighborhood every month for their traditional monthly dinner in Pamplona (Spain), where he lives.