Karl Shaikh

Karl Shaikh has over twenty years of experience in researching, developing, critiquing and/or implementing strategy for a range of organizations, including major European and international firms, as well as numerous small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Karl has also founded multiple businesses and has advised numerous technology founders. He supports local startup accelerators and is an active angel investor. Karl is currently undertaking a Doctoral / PhD program on the topic of Strategic Decision Making. Since arriving in San Francisco in Oct '09 from London, Karl has developed a passion for giving back to the community. Karl is now a Chair of the Board at ParentsEducationNetwork.org focused on sustainability and scaling. Has an appetite for ambiguous, chaotic, dynamic environments and enjoys learning about new areas, which often result in originating and developing innovative solutions. Karl is able to respond to new constraints and conditions, whilst developing processes and systems to make expansion and scaling much easier. Listens intently and helps others develop their direction.