Pamela Robinson

Pamela Robinson holds the distinction of being a Doctor of Management (DM) Fowler Center Fellow, Management Design and Innovation Fellow, and Non-Profit Management Fellow from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. In addition to holding the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Certificate in Positive Business and Society Change, Pamela co-facilitated the 2018 Sustainable Cleveland Summit.

Pamela’s qualitative research aims to shed light on what gives life to sustainable agribusiness. She is interested in lifting the strengths across the agribusiness value chain through the lived experiences of actors closest to the ground activities, particularly in developing countries. Pamela’s motivation for her research stems from the design thinking of the Peter B. Lewis building and her executive experience integrating an economic and social impact business model into her company. Founded in 1999, Financial Voyages LLC delivers insightful, engaging learning experiences to help people in the international community significantly transform businesses, lives, and communities for the better.

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