Roman Terekhin

Roman Terekhin has studied and worked throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, and has been involved with institutions such as Singapore Management University and Harvard Business School. After more than twenty years as a manager, entrepreneur, and researcher in corporate and non-profit sectors, Roman launched his career in academia, focusing his research on peer growth groups, and peer coaching groups (PCG) for business leaders, in particular.

PCG, which has been gaining in popularity in recent years, is a holistic, socially inclusive, innovative toolset for staff and leadership development that can be successfully used both inside organizations and as an inter-organizational platform. Global business communities, like Young Presidents’ Organization, Women Presidents’ Organization, Vistage, TAB, and dozens of Fortune 500 corporations, have successfully used PCG to foster a sustainable balance between one’s personal and professional lives. It can be a helpful leadership tool whereby leaders acknowledge the synergy of employees’ personal and professional goals and provide a place to achieve both. Regardless of an employee’s status, their relationship with the manager, or company policy and budget, PCG provides coaching, development, support, and care to all employees within an organization.

As a researcher, Roman aims to maximize the value of employees’ and business leaders’ peer coaching experiences, thus facilitating prosperity both for the organizations and their employees. Roman’s recent study, presented at EURAM, ARNOVA, and AoM conferences, included in-depth critical incidents interviews with high–ranking participants of peer coaching groups, entrepreneurs, and employees with the aim to understand the factors that enable PCG to be effective for different goals.