Stanley Omeike

Stanley Omeike is a doctoral research fellow at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. He brings over 23 years of cognate experience working with organizations to develop the institutional capabilities required to become better at executing strategy. He has extensive experience in Strategy and Strategy Execution management, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard design and Implementation and Development Evaluation/Monitoring & Evaluation, Performance Measurement systems and data collection framework in both the commercial and Government/non-profit sectors. He has led large consulting engagements both in the Government/Non-profit and Public/Private sectors to design and implement strategy and performance management systems in over 30 different organizations in USA, UK, India, Middle East, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Ethiopia and has also led or provided handholding support on several Performance Management System design, implementation and automation projects He is currently a PhD (Management) candidate, an engaged scholar and a DM Fowler Sustainability, Design and Nonprofit Research Fellow at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio. He continues to engage with practitioners and organizations in the relentless journey to improve our understanding of how organizations engage with the dynamics of their strategic context to become better at sustainably innovating, acting entrepreneurially and executing strategy.