Olumuyiwa (Muyiwa) Oni

Olumuyiwa (Muyiwa) Oni is an MBA candidate at Weatherhead with interests in Sustainability, Design & Innovation, and Positive Organization Development. Originally from Greenbelt, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC, Muyiwa earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and afterwards worked in research & design first at MIT's CSAIL and later with multi-national bio-instrumentation companies.

Prior to joining Weatherhead & the Fowler Center, Muyiwa spent several years at the front lines of Owen Software, a DC-based Edtech startup helping students design and realize their positive career stories. His work there focused on product development and strategy, and while there he learned involved processes for evaluating data and developing information that would enable user design and that was highly readable, available for integration, amenable for analytics, and traceable.

Muyiwa's interest in supporting and developing successful businesses that are an agent of good drew him to sustainable-thinking and the Fowler Center.

In his spare time, Muyiwa enjoys hiking & camping, making music & working on his motorcycle.