Industry Interviews

Interview with Aneeka Ayyar, Automation Engineer at Genentech

Alumna Aneeka Ayyar shared her unique experience working in engineering roles in two industries: oil and gas and health care.

Interview with Arielle Bloostein, Software Engineer at Google

A  Case Western Reserve University Master's student, shares her pathway in computer science, which was a little bit later in her college career. She'll highlight how she maximized opportunities seeking out internships and software engineering positions at Audible, Amazon, and Google.

Interview with Dr. Allison Hess-Dunning, Research Investigator 

In this segment we're joined with Dr. Allison Hess-Dunning, a research investigator with the APT Center and the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center. She share details about her work and her educational pathway.

Q & A with CWRU Alumnae Elle Zadina, Associate Product Manager at Google

Episode 3 of 3: Elle gives insight into bringing your passions into product management.

Episode 2 of 3: Elle gives insight into into beneficial college courses.

Episode 1 of 3: Elle gives insight into her career and role at the tech giant.

CWRU Double Alumnus Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, answers questions from CWRU WIT students.

Craig Newmark Philanthropies has been a funder of CWRU WIT from its inception

CWRU Alumnae Dr. Umit Yalcinalp, Software Architect at Oracle, shares insight into her role and various aspects of software development.

Advice to women in tech and left brain and right brain balance

Thoughts on women in technology, experienced pitfalls and pivots, and  Impact of COVID

Learning and growing, contributing to the industry, and the need for public speaking

Role of a software architect, project process, career influences, and being a student for life

CWRU Alumnae Carmen Fontana shares insight into her role with Centric Consulting, thoughts on innovation, and suggestions on continued learnings.

Role in tech, discussion on innovation, and suggested learnings

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Outrageous Goal Setting