Leaving Case Western Reserve University: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Retirement Plans

  • When I terminate employment, what happens to my Retirement Plan B?

    If you have worked for a period of 3 years or more as a Category II or Category III, you are entitled to a Deferred Vested Pension payable at age 65.  If you are age 55 or older and have worked at least 15 years, you have the option of taking “early” retirement with a reduced pension. Also, if you made contributions into the prior Plan B Supplemental Contributory Plan, these funds will be included in your Retirement payout at age 65.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Benefits Administration at 216/368-6781, Crawford Hall, Room 320.

  • When I terminate employment what happens to my Plan C Supplemental Retirement Annuity-SRA.

    You may withdraw your contributions from your SRA Tax-Deferred Plan after you have terminated employment; however, in addition to being subject to the federal tax there is also a 10 percent tax imposed on early withdrawals (those withdrawals made before age 59½).  A minimum withdrawal of these funds must be made before age 70½ and each year thereafter.  If you have any questions concerning you SRA account you may contact Benefits Administration at (216) 368-6781, Crawford Hall, Room 320, or your Retirement Carrier directly.

    Vanguard         (800) 523-1188
    TIAA –CREF   (800) 842-2776