Biometric Screenings

Screenings—conducted for the university by Quest Diagnostics Inc.—include blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference, cholesterol and glucose tests. Each fall, onsite screenings are available by appointment. Faculty and staff also may schedule offsite appointments at a Quest Patient Service Center or submit results via the Physician Response Form if their primary care provider collected all screening results after April of that calendar year.

Screenings are conducted in a variety of buildings on campus to meet the needs of faculty and staff and also can be conducted off-site at a Quest Patient Service Center. Visit the Biometric Screening page on this site for current screening locations.

Check the Biometric Screening page for scheduling information or go to the Quest website.

Be sure to enter CWRU as the Registration Key in the “New Participant” section. On the following screen, enter your CWRU Network ID and date of birth. Please contact the Quest Customer Support Center at 855-623-9355 if you have difficulty scheduling an appointment. Additional information is available via email at

To schedule an appointment at a Quest Patient Service Center (PSC), go to the Quest website. Find a location near you and use the registration key: CWRU.

If you encounter any problems, call Quest Customer Support Center at 855-623-9355.

You will receive an email within three to five days of your screening (if you provided your email address when you registered or you added it later). You also will receive results by mail within two to three weeks.

The university’s program is participation, rather than outcome-based. That means that you just need to participate in the screening process to be eligible for the monthly Wellness Incentive.

The Physician Response Form can be submitted to your primary care provider if you have had all screening tests conducted since April 1 of this calendar year.

Download your personalized form from the Quest Diagnostics website. See the directions for retrieving your form.

Please enter your CWRU network ID at the top prior to submission to your health care provider. All required screening results need to be included on the form for Quest to accept and give credit for those results.

It is your responsibility to make sure your health care provider has submitted the form prior to the deadline. All forms submitted after the deadline will not be counted.

Fasting for nine to 12 hours prior to the blood collection is required. Take any regularly scheduled medications as usual. Drinking water is permissible and recommended during the fasting period.

The biometric screening is available free of charge to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff at the university.

Once you have participated in the screening, it may take up to two to three weeks for the university to receive confirmation. You can check to see whether confirmation of participation has been received by going to PeopleSoft HCM and navigating to the Wellness Tile and clicking on the Wellness Summary tab on the left menu. New hires will see this confirmation on the "Current Year" Tab and those completing the screening in the fall will see the completion check mark on the "Future benefit Year" tab.