Consistent Navigation

The navigation of your website should act predictably and be consistent on all web pages. This ensures that all users and assistive devices can move from one page to another without having to learn a new set of rules to use your site.

The following techniques can help you keep a consistent navigation:

  • Use the same navigation on every page.
  • Place the navigation in the same location on every page.
  • Use the same or similar button style throughout the site.
  • Use the same link color throughout the site.
  • Use consistent verbiage for applications. For example, if you use “Sign In” on your site to access certain areas, use that language on every page. Changing it to “Log In” may keep some users from accessing the content.
  • Menus are set up similarly throughout your site. Even if they don’t provide the same content, menus should act and look similarly on every page.