Packed with possibility

Students in band on campus.

Case Western Reserve University students like to stay busy. And our campus offers plenty to occupy their time outside class—fueling friendships and satisfying their intellectual appetites (and their actual appetites, too, of course).

Take a look at a few events on campus just in October, for example:

  • From the South Bronx to Sesame Street (A Puerto Rican Story),” a talk with Sonia Manzano (whom you may remember fondly as Maria from Sesame Street)   
  • Career fair, major fair and community service fair
  • A visit from Piper Kerman, whose memoir, Orange Is the New Black, became an Emmy Award-winning Netflix series
  • Homecoming and Parents Weekend, featuring showcases of CWRU performance groups, a tailgate party, parade and football game
  • A “Personal Values” workshop
  • A talk with author, journalist, podcaster and entrepreneur Manoush Zomorodi, exploring our relationship with modern technology and how we can preserve our humanity in an ever-accelerating world
  • A board game night at the library
  • A panel discussion, “Exploring Careers for the Common Good,” led by alumni who work in public service
  • Performances by students in music and dance programs, and a host of varsity, club and intramural sports 

Add to that weekly trivia nights and karaoke nights at our campus hotspot, the Jolly Scholar; meetings and events put on by our 200+ student organizations; dinners with friends in Little Italy; class excursions to the botanical gardens, museums and more; and it’s easy to see how our students’ days and evenings are packed with possibility.