Let's talk about your career

Student in class at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

In class, Case Western Reserve University prepares you for the future by elevating your critical thinking and team skills.

Outside traditional classrooms, you’ll get plenty of chances to put your education to the test with essential (and résumé-building) practical experiences.

Why do Case Western Reserve students stand out?

  • Your navigator works with you during your entire undergraduate experience, matching you with resources that fit perfectly with your career and grad school dreams.
  • Post-Grad Planning connects you to potential employers, our network of 110,000+ alums across the globe, career assessment tools, résumé-writing workshops, grad school prep and more.
  • Humanities@Work links you to corporate, government, nonprofit and other partners through community discussions, networking events and paid career opportunities.
  • Funding for unpaid internships gives you the freedom to pursue the résumé-builders that suit you best.
  • Guidance for graduate studies—including choosing the right school and mentorship through the application process—happens one-on-one with a trained professional.
  • Major-specific education abroad allows you to experience other cultures and develop language skills in an increasingly global workplace.
  • SOURCE directly assists, prepares and funds your research and creative endeavors.

This past fall, Case Western Reserve University welcomed more than 150 employers from across the country to campus for the fall Career Fair.

Since 98% of our students take part in hands-on learning, they have real experience in research, leadership, international education and internships to set them apart. Employers and grad schools value our sharply prepped students.