Many paths for you at CWRU

Students in white shirts arranged on the football field in such a way that they form the large letters "CWRU"

When it comes to your college education, the company you keep is important. Your college friends are the people you’ll grow alongside. They’re the ones who will champion your success. They’re the community that will help you become the best version of yourself.

Who will be your friends at Case Western Reserve University? 
Like you, they’re leaders who will be tops in their fields.

Meet the Class of 2026, an incredible group of future superstars:

They’re standouts from around the world: They’re citizens of 70 different countries and speak 57 different languages. 

They’re committed to their communities: 77% volunteered their time, and 22% led their classes as members of student government.

They’re ready to wow: Just over a month into their first semester, they’re already conducting research, practicing their clinical skills at local hospitals and studying nearly 100 different fields.

CWRU students are some of the most promising thinkers and doers from around the world. It’s a community unlike any you’ll find in the country and I know you’ll fit right in. 

I hope to introduce you to your new CWRU friends soon!

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