3 engineering majors on their CWRU experience

Engineering students

What is life like for Case Western Reserve University engineering students? We asked three current engineering students what stands out to them about their CWRU experience and what their future plans look like.

Getting experience early

“I was able to get involved in research my first year on campus. I have been able to apply classroom concepts and learn through experience. I love the people I work with and I am proud of the things I have been able to accomplish and contribute to the lab.”

Bryn Spilker
Major: Biomedical engineering
Minors: Psychology and electrical engineering

Learning from the best

“On the first day of class, Professor Duval explained her path and career changes that got her to a career and passion for chemical engineering. I was nervous and uncertain about whether chemical engineering was right for me, and her story assuaged my worries. Now, I do research in Professor Duval's lab, and she is a great mentor to me. As a woman in STEM and a role model to me, I feel honored to be able to research with her in her lab and ask her career and life questions.”

Lindsey Ho
Major: Chemical engineering
Minor: Dance

Planning for the future

“I plan to continue my education after graduation by enrolling in graduate school and pursuing a PhD in Computer Science. I want to use my CWRU education and experience to serve humanity.”

Mohamed Salah Mahmoud
Major: Computer Science

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