“Do what inspires and interests you.” Tobili Hatcher did just that, and you can, too.

Tobili Hatcher

Our students have diverse interests, whether it’s what they study or what organizations they join on campus. Luckily, Case Western Reserve University gives students the opportunity to study across multiple disciplines and join as many organizations on campus as they’d like. 

Meet Tobili Hatcher, who graduated from CWRU this spring with bachelor's degrees in international studies and marketing; and two minors, one in business management and another in Spanish. 

While Tobili was on campus she joined various organizations, including writing for CWRU’s student newspaper, The Observer, during her last semester because...well...why not?

How did you end up writing for The Observer?
“I decided to take a journalism class on a whim at the start of my senior year to learn more about the writing process. Like a twist of fate, that class included the faculty advisor and the executive editor for The Observer. In this class I learned what it meant to write—not just how to plan and look for sources for a term paper, but learning how to write for yourself, an audience and how to just enjoy the art and practice of writing, in itself. I decided to take another journalism class my final semester, and all of my journalism friends from last semester were with me in the class. When we were given an assignment to do a restaurant review, I knew that I had written a piece that I wanted the world to read—or, at least the CWRU community.”

What did you learn from writing for The Observer?
It introduced me to an entirely untapped world of art and creativity I hadn’t necessarily been involved in prior to joining. It gave me an outlet to share stories near and dear to my heart, explore other interests of mine, such as fashion and music and experience more events happening around campus.”

Were you involved in other organizations?
“I was active in a lot of multicultural organizations on campus, such as Korean Student AssociationBlack Student UnionAfroAmAsian American Alliance and La Alianza. Participating in ethnicities and cultures represented around campus and learning more about experiences that differed from my own allowed me to broaden my horizons and learn more about the world around me.”

What surprised you the most about life at CWRU?
“There is so much to do! CWRU has many ties to the local community, an abundance of clubs and organizations and a lot of hidden gem classes in every department. Another thing that surprised me is how you get to know everyone on campus. It allows you to form relationships with so many different people.” 

If you could give any piece of advice to a new student at CWRU, what would it be?
Do what inspires and interests you! Your college experience is specific to you, so do what makes you happy. Even if it’s just taking an elective class that isn’t necessarily in your field of study, your eyes will be opened to just that much more around you.”

Tobili has already begun coursework for her Master of Business Administration degree. After receiving her MBA, Tobili hopes to work for an international company in either fashion or music.