Where medicine and social science intersect

Kate Haering

Through an internship at MetroHealth Hospital last summer, Case Western Reserve University junior Kate Haering saw firsthand how social determinants affect health. Combining what she learned in the classroom with her real-world experience, she’s learned that understanding the aggregate disadvantages others may be facing is crucial in establishing a successful connection.

CWRU’s strong pre-med program, unmatched research and volunteer opportunities, and the student-run EMS organization led Haering to decide that CWRU was where she wanted to attend. Her first year she declared a major in biology and took a full STEM course load.

Upon entering her second year though, she realized she wanted to expand her undergraduate curriculum beyond purely STEM courses and give herself a more holistic education while the opportunity was available. So, she took a social work class at CWRU’s Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences and quickly realized it was exactly what she was looking for to round out her curriculum.

"I’ve loved all of the social work courses I’ve taken, from 'Drugs and Youth' to 'Adoption Practice and Policy,' " Haering says. "I highly recommend the social work minor to anyone and everyone, as the skills you learn are applicable in virtually every profession."

Looking for a well-rounded learning experience? Take it from Kate. We have the opportunities for you.