By the Numbers
+ in student aid &
94% employment rate within 6 months
paths of study &
field placements &
a student mentoring program
school of social work in the U.S. &
#1 in Ohio
world-class faculty &
22 average faculty h-index
+ in funding &
9 research and training centers
Research and Training Centers

The Mandel School is home to nine research and training centers, including three Centers of Excellence. We facilitate authentic collaborations between faculty and community partners, including human service agencies, service delivery systems and policy makers.

Many of our research and training initiatives are multidisciplinary involving multi-institutional partnerships that address broad social problems, social-work practice and policy. We emphasize dissemination, or using innovative research to enhance practice and service delivery in the community. Our reach is local, national and international. Our centers also provide several opportunities for students to participate in all aspects of the research process.

Change Leader: Tara Daniel

Tara Daniel curated a creative and meaningful online art exhibit to give voice to Lorain County high school students who are victims of sexual assault, and the result is powerful and moving.