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As an affiliated organization of the MMLA, the SCE has two standing panels at each annual convention. For the past several years, we've made use of these panels to hold a "mini-conference"--a morning-long session devoted to a single topic, often with six to eight presenters. Because the MMLA has a policy of circulating papers in advance (as is also standard SCE practice), these sessions are especially conducive to extended discussion, and often develop into larger-scale projects.
All SCE members are welcome, and encouraged, to make use of our standing panels at the MMLA. Often, projects which get started with sessions at the MMLA or another regional MLA evolve and grow, eventually leading to MLA panels and stand-alone conferences. For more information, click on "propose a project" in the menu bar.
2007: "Image and Imagination in the Visual and Verbal Arts"
2006: "Abducting the Interactive"

2005: "Memory and Masculinity"
2004: "Cultures of Exhibition"

2003: "New Histories of Writing"
2002:"Globalization and Exchange" and
"Globalization and the Postcolonial"
2001: "Globalization and the Image"
2000: Mini-conference I: "New Histories of Writing"
mini-conference II: "Aesthetic(ism)s"

1999: Mini-conference: "Cognitive Approaches to Literacy"
panel: "Digital Humanities"

1998: "Rethinking Anderson"
1997: Mini-conference: "Cultures of Writing"
panel: "Distributing Authors: Literature, Target Marketing, and Cermonies of Capitals at the Turn of the Century"
1996: " New Economic Criticism"
1995: "Defining New Economic Criticism"

1994: "Competing Identities: Gender, Religion and the State" (WNN)
"Cultures of Authorship: New Perspectives on Plagiarism" (IPCA)

1993: "Alternative Designs: Reshaping Introductory Courses for a Changing Curriculum"
1991: "Cultural Studies and Pedagogy"
"The New Economic Criticism"

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