Business and Finance

Visitors and Deliveries

Cedar Avenue Service Center
10620 Cedar Avenue
Room 124
Cleveland, OH 44106-7228

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The Business and Finance office is responsible for the financial and human resource administration of the departments within Campus Planning and Facilities Management. We strive to provide outstanding customer service and guidance.

Our services include:

  • Day to day financial support for campus planning & facilities management departments; invoice processing and payment activities; debt service management; financial policy administration; human resource administration
  • Annual budget forecasting and support
  • Contract business management and compliance; preparation of construction, engineering, architectural, and specialty services contracts
  • Construction and renovation project financial monitoring; processing of project request forms (PRF) and major expense request forms (MERF)
  • Retain & manage all documents for construction auditing

Department Members

Heidi Butler

Sharon McGuire
Assistant Director 

Lisa Jones
Accounting Clerk 

Taylor Pye
Accounting Clerk

Frank Spiker
Accounting Clerk

Sierra Wodzisz
Accounting Clerk