South Residential Village Residence Halls


Construction Manager: Rick Pruden                                                                              View Live Webcam

Project Start Date: July 2022

Projected Completion Date: Fall 2024

Total Project Cost: $110M

Scope of Project: The South Residential Village Residence Halls are located within Little Italy, a Landmark District. The university engaged William Rawn Associates to develop a plan for two new residence halls that will provide 600 new student beds. Combined with the existing beds at the residence hall, the university will be able to accommodate all second-year student housing needs factoring in potential enrollment growth. The total bed count will reach ~1,400 total second-year beds within the residence hall when these two halls are complete.  

Included within this complex are other student life experience spaces such as a wellness area, study space, active lounges, meeting areas and rehearsal spaces. The exterior site amenities will include an area for volleyball, grilling, hammocks, as well as other outdoor activities. 

Campus Map Denoting SRV Location

Exterior Aerial View

SRV Aerial

Multipurpose Room Exterior

Multipurpose Room Exterior

Multipurpose Room Interior

Multipurpose Room Interior

SRV Hall #1 Floor Lounge

Murray Floor Lounge

SRV Hall #1 Open Study

Murray Open Study