The CHARLES SCHWEINFURTH RESIDENCE, located at 1951 E 75th St., was built in 1894 by architect CHARLES FREDERICK SCHWEINFURTH as his private home. Schweinfurth was initially commissioned by railroad tycoon, William K. Vanderbilt to build a residence on the property. The plans never came to fruition and Schweinfurth took over ownership of the land. He designed a Romanesque Revival-style home.

Schweinfurth House
Schweinfurth House

The two-story residence was built of brick and stone with battlement parapets on the rounds on top, giving the home a fortress-like appearance. The front entrance was surrounded by a Tudor-arch oak doorway with a pair of winged lions, birds, and the Schweinfurth coat of arms. The carvings were executed by the Schweinfurth himself. Heavy wrought iron and an S-shaped door handle are attached. The roof and roof line are flat. Four different window treatments are used.

The interiors of Schweinfurth-designed homes feature details like fireplaces, carved features, scones, and patterns. The home's first floor had a vestibule with walls painted in Oriental tile mosaic. The split-level entrance hall has a balustrade staircase. The second floor housed a library designed with large bookcases with paneled glass doors.

Rear view of brick house with awning.
Rear of original Schweinfurth House

In 1915, the house was enlarged with a brick addition to provide additional space for a dining area, a small conservatory, and a home office, and the interior was decorated with Art Nouveau-style furnishings and décor. Schweinfurth lived in the home until his death on 9 November 1919.

In the 1930s the residence became the William L. Wagner & Son Funeral Home. Architects Richard Van Petten and Dale Smith restored the residence, power washing the stonework and planting mature landscaping features, but keeping most of the original interior features intact. The home was subsequently nominated for the NATIONAL REGISTER OF BUILDINGS AND DISTRICTS OF CLEVELAND.

CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA musician Joshua Smith is the current owner of this CLEVELAND LANDMARK STRUCTURE that is part of the Ingleside Historic District.

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